How To Target Tarpon for Fun & Survival

tarpon fish

Fishing is a great pastime for those who enjoy the great outdoors. The attraction of fishing is that it can take you to some of the most beautiful and unspoiled parts of the world. This is especially true when one enjoys the challenges of fishing for salt waters species – and for many people, the sheer exhilaration of Tarpon fishing delivers not only a challenge – but also that stress-reducing experience that is part and parcel of immersion in the natural beauty of the places that Tarpon call home (such as numerous destinations in Florida, the Caribbean and Central America).

However, these bruisers take some subduing and can present fisherman with a challenge that will leave them exhausted. There are a few hints and tips to make that Tarpon fishing excursion worth the almost inevitable aches and pains that will follow a day of going head to head with these big-eyed silver monsters.

The right bait is essential when targeting Tarpon. Bait fisherman tend to go to mullet as the default choice for tarpon. However at the end of the season, many will switch to small crabs which the Tarpon take eagerly. Size is important – a bigger crab will not mean bigger fish or more hookups. There is also the option of using a lure to attract and hook Tarpon. A white jig with a long tail bounced along the bottom can bring spectacular results. Fly fisherman also enjoy the Tarpon challenge and a fast sinking line and worm (and carb) imitations are advisable.

The number of baits in the water will (for fairly obvious reasons) result in greater success. The ideal setup is one bait placed around 30 foot from the back of the fishing platform and another 30 foot further from the first bait.

As far as your setup is concerned you will be best served by a fluorocarbon line with a float attached. A leader of 80-pounds is recommended – these are hard fighting fish and their power makes it essential that you have a line and leader that can absorb some punishment.

Tarpon Fishing Tips

One glance of a Tarpon will immediately reveal why the hours just preceding dawn and when the sun is setting are ideal for hunting these fish. they have excellent vision courtesy of those enormous eyes. Slightly discolored water will also assist the fisherman in targeting Tarpon.

Tarpon fishing provides that natural setting and the excitement that every fisherman craves. If you have access to quality Tarpon water make sure that you set aside time to target this magnificent ocean dweller.