Tips For Fishing From An Air Mattress

Air Mattress Fishing


An air mattress makes the perfect flotation device and so it follows that fisherman have received it as a gift from the fishing gods and have been using it as a fishing platform for as long as the air mattress has been around.

The concept does however seem a little simpler than the actual practice and there are some hints and tips from the experts that will you master the art of air mattress fishing.


1. Mind The Hooks

Hooks are a huge challenge on an air mattress. Although the material is actually pretty tough, fishing hooks seem to be designed specifically to put holes in it. And when you pull the hook out, well you simply get a larger hole. So be careful with those hooks and keep count of them in a container that can close and seal and won’t spill the contents no matter the fishing conditions. Keep an air mattress patch kit handy to quickly seal up any holes that get poked in the mattress. Many an air mattress fisherman has had his trip cut short because of a quickly deflating mattress.


2. The Position

It’s a mattress so the ideal position is lying down. Sitting up is going to unbalance the mattress and standing will probably tip it over. Make sure that you take along a sturdy pillow which you can use to prop yourself up. You may need to practice quite a bit to master the techniques of fishing while lying down. It may be best to forego the rod and reel and fish with some line only to begin with.


3. Double Vs. Single

A double air mattress is preferable for most fishing expeditions as provides a greater surface area and is therefore more stable. However, a single will do just as well in calm waters. But you will need to be extra careful not to tip it over while reeling in your catch or simply moving about on a single.


4. Launching The Air Mattress

Launching an air mattress without getting wet is an art and it will take practice. Start by placing all your fishing gear in the middle of the mattress and then placing it so that it is mostly on the water and just a small portion on land. Crawl onto the mattress and then push the mattress away from the shore. This is the part when you are most likely to fall in the water. You need to use just the right amount of force to get it right.


5. Up A Creek Without A Paddle

Don’t forget your paddle or you’ll be stranded in the middle of your chosen body of water. Don’t expect your air mattress to respond well to paddling or go where you want it to go. The first time you try paddling, you’ll probably end up turning in circles but you will find your rhythm with a little trial and error. And of course, you may end up in the drink a few times before getting the steering and drive absolutely right.



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